Target Response Times and Priority Levels

The following table shows the Target Response Times for each priority level and provides priority level examples

Service Request Priorities

Incident / Service Request PrioritySeverity
1 - High Service or major portion of a service is unavailable. 2 - Medium Issue prevents user from performing critical time sensitive functions. 3 - Low Issue prevents user from performing a portion of their duties.
Impact 1 - High All users of a specific service. P1 - Critical P2 - High P3 - Medium
2 - Medium Multiple users. Service is degraded but still functional but not operating within SLA specifications P2 - High P3 - Medium P4 - Low
3 - Low One or two users. Service is degraded but still operating within SLAs. P3 - Important P4 - Low P4 - Low

Response Time Target Exclusion List

The target response time does not apply to:

  • Additions, moves or changes to users, devices, configurations or network
  • Issues lodged in any other manner than specified in this agreement and our General Terms and Conditions
  • Issues lodged outside our business Hours
  • Items caused by hardware or software not meeting our minimum standards
  • Service requests related to Software not on our Approved Software List
  • Service requests for issues that have been caused by you not acting on advice or recommendations given by us
  • Service requests for Issues caused by you or third parties modifying any Hardware or Software Configuration
  • Service requests for issues related to user-initiated Phishing, Virus and Malware Infections
  • Service requests for Issues involving the sourcing of hardware/software
  • Service requests for hardware and software issues of items that are not under current warranty or maintenance coverage