Cyber security starts with knowledge. Knowing which threats are out there and how to recognise them goes a long way to keeping your systems safe from attack.

These videos demonstrate some of the most common types of cyber attack to look out for.

Video 1 - Ransomware Attack

A lot of cyber security problems stem from email, specifically people using email. Theyare tricked into clicking onto something that looks genuine but isn't.

Have you ever wondered what happens after you click on a link that you realise you shouldn't have done?

In this video we will show you an actual real-life hack that could devastate any business.

To protect your business against hacks like this there are various products and services out there that can help to make your business more secure. Services that can do things such as: Protect SharePoint, email and OneDrive against phishing and malware.

For example, you can use Microsoft’s intelligent learning engine to scan all attachments and links for safety before they are opened. Read more.

Video 2 - Man In The Middle Attack

Chances are, you've never heard of a man in the middle attack. This is where a person is cleverly duped by a hacker into accessing a website and entering sensitive data. The hacker then obtains the data and exploits it to their own advantage.

This can be killed stone dead with multi-factor authentication; a layer of security applied in addition to a username and password that requires a person to provide two or more ways of verifying their identity.

Our advice - get multi-factor authentication activated or contact your IT service provider to get it activated now.

Video 3 - Failing To Keep Computers Updated

Have you ever heard your IT service provider speaking about patching or updates?

Updates nowadays are less and less about functionality and more and more about security and are referred to as security patches - the clue is in the name. Failing to update your computer can leave your devices vulnerable to attack.

In this video, we show you one example of how a hacker can take advantage of outdated software and operating systems.

For a more robust way to ensure your systems are up to date, third party software is required along with the human beings who are managing that software for you.

The systems in place are only as good as the people operating them. For this reason, partnering with a Managed Services and Security Provider is the best way to ensure you're protected.