If you have had to set up home working for your employees in the last few weeks and it's something you've never done at scale before, then in the haste there is potential for people to cut corners where it comes to security.

In most cases, I have the attitude of done is better than perfect, until it comes to cyber security. You can never be too careful and we have seen a dramatic upsurge in hackers taking advantage of the current situation.

Hacking is a billion-dollar industry, they are are smart and they know that the increase in home working set up has introduced a new opportunity, to exploit potential flaws in home computing and home networks.

As many of us must work from home for now, some your team are probably using their own devices. Which is fineā€¦ as long as your business' data security isn't compromised in any way.

That's a big ask; especially if your staff are sharing their devices with other members of the family. For that reason we've created this brand-new video and document highlighting seven golden rules for keeping your business's data safe.

Stay Safe; Online and Off.

You can download our handy free guide to get a more detailed overview.